Friday, October 9, 2009

Virgin Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Cameo Bracelet

I compassionate thee,O most sorrowful Mother!Thy heart was pierced with a sword of grief when Simeon foretold to thee in the Temple the ignominious death and the desolation of thy Divine and most dear Son,which thou west destined one day to witness.By the great anguish of thy suffering heart,O gracious Queen of the universe,impress upon my mind,in life and in death,the sacred Passion of Jesus and shine own sorrows. Amen.

Several years ago I had a vision of seeing Our Lady's Tears falling and would see Her teardrops and I was inspired to create a rosary with teardrop shape beads, but when I began making these inspirational bracelets and found this cameo, I then was inspired to continue creating a bracelet reflecting in Her tears shed.

I wanted to create this bracelet as a reflection of Her pain and sorrow.

That is the reason I used mother of pearl teardrop-shape beads to represent Her tears. I also added a one decade rosary to this bracelets.

Besides the beautiful vintage cameo, I added other Catholic medals: Sacred Heart of Jesus, St. Therese, Our Lady of Fatima, Infant of Prague and others.

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