Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus "Shower of Blessings" Bracelet

How I love Thee, O my Blessed Virgin Mother!
Had I been a priest,
I would have spoken so much of Thee.
Thou art represented as to Thee
I consecrate my soul and all unapproachable;
rather thou shouldst be shown as so easily imitated.

Thou art more Mother than Queen!
Yet I have heard it said that all the Saints are eclipsed
by Thy radiant brightness,
as the sun at rising makes the stars disappear.
How strange that seems,
a mother eclipsing the glory of her children!

I think quite the contrary, sweet Virgin,
I believe that thou wilt
immensely increase the splendor of the elect,
O Sweet Virgin Mary!
how simple does Thy life seem.

Recently I had a dream where rain was coming down so pleasant and so uplifting that resembled a stream of crystals and together with the water there was incense coming from Heaven as well.

I interpret that dream that is Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord sending those blessings to us and that was my inspiration for this bracelet.

We must continue in prayer

The pearls and crystals represent that stream of rain and of incense falling from heaven.

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