Friday, May 22, 2009

St. Francis of Assisi Animal Lampwork Bracelet

Patron Saint of Animals

I was able to create this whimsical bracelet in honor of St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals, by using very unique glass lampwork beads, including a St. Francis 3rd class relic medal.

Lampwork animal beads include, dogs, cats, lizards, fish, toucan, horse, bird, rooster and others.

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Pennye said...

where may I purchase the patron saint of animals lampwork bracelet?
Thank you

Pennye said...

where my I purchase this bracelet?

serenitywolfmage said...

Dear Lety,
I came across your lovely site - I had a saint's bracelet of St. Jude. My husband said he thought i would have one of the Saints for Animals - I'm an animal love having 4 dogs and 8 cats. I bid on your saint of animals bracelet. Then I saw the saits charm bracelet. I lost my Mama in August and when i saw that bracelet - I really wanted it - I'm strugglying to cope. I was raised Baptist - but I feel that we lace some of the sacred things that draw us closer to our faith and spiritual selves. You have a gift it seems of making such jewelry that becomes a blessings for those that wear them. I hope I will be the one to win the bidding for these 2 lovely bracelets.
Love and light to you
pennye shaw