Friday, May 22, 2009

Milagros Ethnic Bracelet


Milagros "Miracles" are small devotional charms that are traditionally used in most Latin American Countries. These votives are placed in small shrines, church, nichos, retablos, saints or altars.

Milagros also refers to an ancient aspect of Hispanic Folk Culture: Small silver or gold votive offerings.

A person attaches a Milagro to a saint for a special request of a miracle for a particular aliment of the body.

I wanted to create a Milagros bracelet with an ethnic look and feel to it. On this bracelet I added a large turquoise color howlite stone cross and howlite beads. Attached to the beads are several milagros charms including, eyes, leg, man praying, hands, women, goat, foot and others.

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