Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Virgin Mary Our Lady of Victory Charm Necklace

I created this necklace with the inspiration of a Shrine to Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Victory and St. Raymond including some vintage treasures and be able to carry all the time.

I included inside the pocket watch, a vintage pocket statue of Our Lady of Victory, a St. Raymond image on the background, vintage pearls and rhinestones. I used vintage chain to hold this Shrine and all other treasures, including a figural medal of Virgin Mary as a child, a vintage medal of Guardian angel and Holy Family.

I included Jasper, turquoise and ruby quartz gemstones besides a lot of other charms.

I want to share the pictures below- here is my work area where I take my pictures and use different displays. This table is by a window and sometimes I do get some sun rays coming in to thru the window but today was different. I couldn't find the right angle to take the picture because the sun rays seem brighter than usual.
Sometimes I use a black board to use as background but today I moved it out of the background because I wanted lighter background and took the picture and to my surprise when I uploaded my pictures. As you can see, the sun was coming in thru the window, you can also see it on the left side, but no image.

As you can see there is an image glowing on the black board that to me looks like the shape of Our Blessed Mother. Second picture shows only the image after cropping.
I interpret this image that Our Blessed Mother is happy about how I create my art to make honor to Her and Our Lord. Which I feel so blessed to be able to create.

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paulanm said...

Oh how touching to have received this "visit".

Love your work.