Saturday, November 15, 2008

St. Philomena Relic Charm Bracelet

Martyred at about age 14 in the early days of the Church.

PATRONAGE: babies,children, children of Mary, desperate causes, forgotten causes, impossible causes, infants, infertility, lost causes, Living Rosary, newborns, poor people, priests, sick people, sickness, sterility, toddlers, young people, youth.
When I'm going to create a bracelet to honor St. Philomena, I feel such energy, a very playful energy that I feel being St. Philomena's. It is a very playful and strong energy that always motivates me to make this particular bracelet in very lively in colors and always adding flowers. I love to feel that energy around me as I create her bracelet.
On this bracelet I added red flowers, red lampwork beads all surrounding her relic and other Catholic medals including St. Michael, St. Mark, Pieta, St. Patrick, St. Peregrine and others.

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