Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Lady San Juan De Los Lagos Bracelet

Our Lady of San Juan De Los Lagos is the second most venerated Virgin in Latin America next to Our Lady of Guadalupe.
The story of the Virgin of San Juan begins in 1542, when the Spanish priest, Father Miguel de Bologna, brought an image of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception to the village. Some years later—in 1623—the legend recounts that the daughter of Indian parents fell gravely ill, and her death was imminent. However, after the parents earnestly prayed to the Virgin, their daughter was saved.
One story related to this wonderful image is that the image began to deteriorate and it was taken down from the Church’s Altar and placed away in storage, the next day they would find the image back in the main altar and under mysterious circumstances, the image was restored by an anonymous artisan, which the people believed was an angel sent from heaven to restore the image
This is such a sweet beautiful bracelet. I felt the inspiration in creating it with flowers, like making a flower garland for Our Blessed Mother. I used a beautiful vintage Mother of Pearl medal of Our Lady of San Juan, made in Germany. I also added more vintage Catholic medals, all surrounded by beautiful glass lampwork beads, flowers and lucite and glass leaves. I love the outcome of this bracelet with this color combination.

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