Friday, October 3, 2008

Virgin Mary "Our Lady's Tears" Rosary and Charm Bracelet

Next to the Most Precious Blood of Jesus there is nothing more touching and effective than the tears of Our Heavenly Mother. How many tears She shed on the Way of the Cross and when She stood beneath the Cross, She shed bitter tears in reparation for the many insults Her Divine Son then and which He would receive in the future. She wept bitter tears for the many souls who would not submit to the Commandments of God, and so would be lost forever. In recent centuries, too, She wept tears of sorrow.
This Rosary was revealed in 1929 and 1930 by Our Lord and His most Holy Mother to Sister Amalia in Campina, Brazil. Our Lord's words to Sister Amalia on November 8, 1929 were: "My daughter, whatever I am asked through the tears of My Mother, I shall give lovingly."
Every time I create a bracelet representing Our Lady's Tears, it is very touching and emotional for me because I cannot imagine as a mother being able to endure all of Her pain and suffering seeing Her Son the way He was treated and humiliated and how He died for us.
Many years ago I had a dream that I was at the foot of the cross and actually saw Our Lord expire in front of my eyes and up to today, I cannot describe the feeling of feeling helpless and the pain and sorrow and the many tears shed at that foot of the cross that is why for me this bracelet means a lot and I want to convey that Our Blessed Mother still suffers when Her Son died for us and sometimes we forget that He died for us and Her pain and suffering and I hope this bracelet helps as a reminder.

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