Monday, September 15, 2008

Virgin Mary Charm Bracelet

The Depths of the Love of Your Heart Virgin full of grace, I know that at Nazareth
you lived modestly, without requesting anything more. Neither ecstasies, nor miracles,
nor other extra ordinary deeds enhanced your life, O Queen of the elect.
The number of the lowly, "the little ones," is very great on earth. They can raise their eyes to
you without any fear. You are the incomparable Mother who walks with them along
the common way to guide them to heaven. Beloved Mother, in this harsh exile,
I want to live always with you and follow you every day. I am enraptured by the contemplation of you and I discover the depths of the love of your heart. All my fears vanish under
your motherly gaze, which teaches me to weep and to rejoice!
I Created this bracelet using a beautiful and unique resing cameo of Our Blessed Mother holding flowers. I added some beautiful black glass beads with colorful foil. I created angels using purple glass beads to enhance the color of the beads and make the beautiful cameo stand out more.

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