Sunday, August 10, 2008

St. Rita Bracelet

Patronage: Abuse victims, loneliness, sterility, bodily ills, desperate causes, difficult marriages, Philippines, forgotten causes, impossible causes, infertility, lost causes, parenthood, sick people, victims of physical spouse abuse, widows, wounds

Prayer to Saint Rita
Dear Rita, model Wife and Widow, you yourself suffered in a long illness showing patience out of love for God. Teach us to pray as you did. Many invoke you for help, full of confidence in your intercession. Deign to come now to our aid for the relief and cure of {name of sufferer}. To God, all things are possible; may this healing give glory to the Lord. Amen.

I created this bracelet with a nostalgic look and feel to it using vintage chain and some vintage Catholic medals. I also used beautiful lampwork beads with encased flowers, natural Rhodonite and adding antique goldtone filigree beads.

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