Friday, July 25, 2008

Milagros Bracelet

Milagros "Miracles" are small devotional charms that are traditionally used in most Latin American Countries. These votives are placed in small shrines, church, nichos, retablos, saints or altars. Milagros also refers to an ancient aspect of Hispanic Folk Culture: Small silver or gold votive offerings. A person attaches a Milagro to a saint for a special request of a miracle for a particular aliment of the body.
These devotional Milagros are still being fervently used in Latin America and the tradition was brought to the US. I have seen on a local Mission that these milagros are still attached to a Saint. I have also seen thank you notes, for miracle granted, attached to these milagros.
My inspiration on this bracelet was the stunning copper heart with patina finish, which can represent The Sacred Heart of Jesus, or human heart troubles, handcrafted in Peru and all the other milagro charms. How faith can grant you a miracle.

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