Sunday, June 15, 2008

Catholic Patron Saints and Angels Bracelet

As messangers of God and executors of His orders, the angels exercise a great empire over our souls and bodies and over the material world.
The special object of the angels' care is the human race which they are apponted to guard.
St. Rose of Lima, the first American blosson of sanctity, upon whom Holy Church, conferred public veneration, lived a life of great purity and innocence. From early childhood she was priviledged to hold familiar intercourse with the holy angels. From numerous difficulties and dangers she was delivered by hter holy angel and she once declared that her Guardian Angel did whatever she asked him to do.*
* St. Michael and the Angels, Compiled From Approved Sources Book by TAN

I created this bracelet with heavely blue and a large porcelain angel cameo surrounded by porcelain angels, handcrafted angels made with polymer flowers and crystals. I added patron saint medals to create that heavenly feel to it.

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