Monday, May 12, 2008

St. Philomena Relic Catholic Charm Bracelet

PATRONAGE: babies,children, children of Mary, desperate causes, forgotten causes, impossible causes, infants, infertility, lost causes, Living Rosary, newborns, poor people, priests, sick people, sickness, sterility, toddlers, young people, youth.

This bracelet was inspired by St. Philomena's youthfullness and bright in Spirit. I was also inspired by the Heavenly Realm that surronds her now in Our Lord's presence.

I included a St. Philomena Relic, porcelain angels a handcrafted angel made with Natural Rose Quartz Callalilly Flower, beautiful ornate butterfly and surrounded by Our Blessed Mother, Miraculous Medal, Sorrowful Mother, Holy Family, St. Jude, Holy Spirit, Infant of prague. I also added more natural rose quartz beads.

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